Yeo’s Campus Love Story

Celebrating Valentine’s day is the celebration of Love. Yeo’s, a Soft drink manufacturer, asked us to create an authentic celebration of Love with the Brand on Facebook.


Valentine’s Day in Cambodia is mainly celebrated by the Youth (especially between 14 – 24 years old). The competition usually allocates their spending on a single event or a generic video, where the momentum lasts for one day. To differentiate, we were challenged to create an original campaign that would reflect the real story of the local youth, bolstered by engaging factors that would amplify a lasting presence of the Brand as associated with Love.


In face of the unique challenge, we created the first engaging Cambodian romantic comedy web-series that triggered fans to decide about its ending. The series established 4 characters based on 4 Yeo’s products personalities. The mechanism of the story allows fans to vote and engage in order to construct the perfect ending of the story.


Based on the Yeo’s product personalities, we searched for top key opinion leaders on Facebook. We studied their personalities and fan’s sentiment in order to outline the Yeo’s Character development. Subsequently, we wrote 2 scenarios that fitted the Cambodian favourite fantasy image of youth. Before the final episode, we launched voting poll campaigns to drive participation with our hastags #melonlychee and #melonbella.


This campaign went viral and organically gathered



Million impressions

More than


Million views






new fans