Fit for Hope – AIA

Creating a movement that captures people’s attention.

Breast cancer is a subject that isn’t talked about much despite thousands of women suffering from it in Cambodia. Awareness is still low and not many get the chance to receive treatment in hospitals due to the high cost in Cambodia. 

AIA wanted to drive awareness to help people live longer, healthier and better lives. This was done through a large-scale social event and the power of people coming together. We even convinced the local authorities  to block off roads so we can do a symbolic awareness walk towards our event location.

Campaign Outcome

Breast cancer awareness and the colour pink became associated with AIA. We reached thousands of people across the nation through digital online videos, radio, partners and led them all to our event. Cambodians of all ages joined to support the movement, which became a yearly highlight.


There were over 20,000 attendees at the final event location where a concert was held after the check-ups and exercise activities. Over 1,300 did check-ups at the event while the rest registered for future ones at hospitals. We also raised $30,000 as a donation to a local hospital.

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