Brandhealth identified that ‘complicated booking’ was a barrier for non-Grab users to try Grab Transport, as the service required inputting a drop-off location. In response, Grab introduced GoNow in 2023, a tuktuk booking service that doesn’t require a destination. Despite this, awareness of GoNow remains low, and the perception of complicated booking with Grab persists.

According to our findings, most young users are familiar with the standard Grab service. However, older adults and non-tech-savvy demographics perceive Grab as complicated to book. Additionally, elders often confuse Grab with our competitor, Pass App, mistaking any tuktuk service for PassApp. Our campaign aims to address these challenges.

Campaign Outcome

Our impactful campaign aims to raise awareness that Grab’s new service, GoNow, makes booking easy. We’ve tied this initiative to the popular Cambodian festival ‘Khmer New Year – Sangkran,’ incorporating engaging activities like Remorque Activity, KOL Activity, and Station Activity to attract people and enhance our brand presence.


We presented Grab GoNow at one of the biggest festival in Cambodia during 2024 KNY.

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