In Cambodia, Hair Care is an integral and important part of women’s lives. Going to the salon weekly for hair wash is part of their routine to ensure their hair stays beautiful.

Cream Silk, a popular Filipino hair care brand’s goal is to impactfully enter the hair-loving Cambodian market with their Cream Silk Keratin Daily Treatment. A product that restores hair nutrients for smoother, healthier hair. 

We set out to let Cambodian women know that achieving that celebrity-like hair without visiting a salon every day is mission possible. 

Campaign Outcome

Beauty Queens are known for having that impressive looking hair all the time. Using Miss Grand Cambodia 2022, we demonstrated to consumers how using Cream Silk can easily and impressively transform hair in contrast to using shampoo only. 


More than 3000 Consumer Interaction and Data Collected

Total of 46% Increase on Sales on outlets where activation took place

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