SMART CNY TVC Commercial (2023)

To maintaining our digitalization culture: Smart have been running this campaign for 2 years and they  will continue to do so until it become a top of mind for the customers and to increase user to using SmartNas app.

Celebrating Lunar or Chinese New Year, the Year of Rabbit with our new seasonal game called “SmartNas Lion Dance / SmartNas លោតម៉ុងសាយ”.

Campaign Outcome

To celebrate this big celebration nationwide and on a digital space, with “SmartNas Lion Dance / SmartNas លោតម៉ុងសាយ”, customers can play a fun SuperMario-like game, in which they will take control of a Lion Mascot (Mong Say) to navigate through some in-game obstacles, collect gold coins and finally a big fat red envelope (Ang Poa) with a random prize in it.


As a overall result, we got a lot of positive feedback from audience from social media and we will continue to do it for the next next year.  

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