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Integration is a given at MSA as we are accustomed to projects that require multiple departments to work together closely for successful results.

Media Management & Planning

Media Management & Planning

Media Buying

Extensive network and long-term relationship with media owners for both traditional and digital space to get the best rates and time frames.

Landscape Report

Comprehensive reporting on how consumers are using media both offline and online, media trends and other relevant information.

Data Analytic

Transforming raw data from our media partners and media planning tools into insights and key measurement metrics for optimal results.

Media Planning

Identifying and selecting the relevant media outlets and placement to reach the right target demographic for specific campaigns.

Qualitative & Quantitative Research

Nationwide research and in-depth focus groups to provide necessary data and understanding on consumers based on clients’ requirement.

Brand & Creative Solutions

Brand & Creative Solutions

Brand Strategy

Building overall plans and recommending the most suitable direction for brands to take to achieve their short-term and long-term goals.

Product Launch

Planning, coordinating and producing the concept and materials for the debut of a new product or rebranding of an existing product.

Social Media Posts

Providing constant content for social media pages in the format of static posts, GIFs and short video animation.

Digital Campaign

Social media campaigns and virtual events while utilizing digital media to ensure efficiency in reach and engagement.

Creative Concept

Producing ideas and communication that are exciting and relatable to consumers to achieve maximum awareness and drive relatability to the brand.

Design Work

Creating brand identities and relevant graphics for logo, leaflets, posters and other materials required to establish any business.

Campaign Development

Experienced teams in expanding the creative idea and managing the execution on different touchpoints such as TV, radio, digital and event.


Crafting a clear communication message for brands in the form of headlines, copy and taglines as well as scripts for commercials and speeches.

Event & Activation Management

Event & Activation Management

Corporate Event

Planning out the details for formal and informal events including all the logistics, production and supervision from start until finish.

Live Event

Setting up and managing live entertainment in the form of concerts, sporting events and festivals that are broadcasted to television.


Taking brands on the road to different locations to reach consumers directly by providing product sampling or engagement.

Launch Event

Introducing and showcasing your latest product or announcement to generate hype and interest from the media and public.

Virtual Event

From talkshows to full product launches that are done on social media platforms that people can interact in a virtual environment.

Team Building

Organising and managing employee activities to nurture bonds between each other and boost teamwork through cooperation.

Production & Content Marketing

Production & Content Marketing

TV Commercial

Bringing storyboards and scripts to life through an experienced in-house production department with top-quality equipment.

Branded Content

Conceptualizing entertaining content that isn’t product-centric but showcasing the branding indirectly through sponsorship.

Digital Content

Arranging quick captures of behind the scenes, interviews or producing short animation videos for use on digital.

Radio Recording

Recording any voice overs or music production in the studio with sound engineers at hand for editing.

Web Series

Scripting and production of the story and finished series of web videos to generate viewership and brand recall.

TV Drama

Capacity to produce long-running TV drama series for TV stations with script and production fully done in-house.

Corporate Video

Professionally arranged and shot videos for branding, staff training, or customer testimonial for long-term usage.


Obtain high-quality images that can be used for advertising on any medium or for business collaterals.

Studio Rental

Space for any photoshoot or video shoot that can be rented to any company or agency.

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