The ‘Broest’ Combination – F&N

There are things you can’t help but love, like your sibling.

F&N introduced a new format of sweetened condensed milk with multiple flavours that are extremely suitable for different types of food. The brand is already known to the older generation and vendors so the client wanted to reach a new target segment, the younger Cambodians to utilise this convenient format.

At a time when Facebook live was picking up, we wanted to utilise this platform as we can engage with our target audience while introducing our new products. We collaborated with Heng Visal and Heng Veasna, who are both popular personalities and happen to be real life siblings. Their great synergy together became a reflection of our product synergy with different food types.

Campaign Outcome

The two personalities together were very likeable and comical which attracted a lot of positive feedback and engagement from viewers. Viewers were able to relate the brotherly love to the new products that go hand in hand with relevant food types.


We had over 1,300 viewers during the live show and a total of over 80,000 views after it was finished. These numbers were considered extremely high as Facebook Live was just launched.

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