Bringing Nature to the City – Borey Peng Huoth

Letting people experience the possibilities ahead of time.

Borey Peng Huoth wanted to give investors and potential homeowners a glimpse into its new launch and future plans. However, how do you let people experience something that hasn’t been built, especially the atmosphere of a whole development?

Expectations were high as Borey Peng Huoth is known in Cambodia for over 10 years for its high standard of design, comfort and sustainability. We decided to infuse natural and harmonious elements so people can experience the atmosphere of the development through the launch event location.

Launch Outcome

With our elaborate and large-scale built up, people were amazed by the grandeur of the event and how nature blended perfectly with the atmosphere. The whole event and decorations received great feedback from the attendees. The clients were amazed by the team’s capabilities to produce such an event despite COVID restrictions.

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