The Exceptional – ABC Extra Stout

Paving the way for young Cambodians in a world of new opportunities.

As a brand that’s associated with ‘strong’ people because of its alcohol content of 8%, young Cambodians rarely consume and relate to ABC. With numerous local and international beer brands vying for their attention, ABC needs to reach them in a meaningful way while staying relevant to our current consumers, the older and established people.

To inspire both young and current consumers, we selected 10 successful people from different industries. These 10 exceptional people shared their journey and success stories while providing advice to young people on how to enter their respective industries despite it being niche – music, food and gaming among the few.

Campaign Outcome

The campaign was launched as an exclusive live talk show on TV and digital. This is supported by a digital platform with in-depth information about each exceptional person and their recommendations to young upstarts. We also got people to pledge themselves to push themselves further and aim to be exceptional.


Total campaign reach is estimated to be 97% of the target audience, which equals 5.9 million people during the campaign period of 3 months. The image of the brand being high quality and exceptional cuts across all touchpoints and are still relatable to our current consumers while enticing the new younger consumers.

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