Year of the Tiger 2022 Celebration – Tiger Beer

Starting 2022 with a huge roar that echoes through the year.

When the year’s animal zodiac matches your brand, it is something that has to be taken advantage of. Tiger beer has begun aggressively claiming share in the Cambodian beer market and plans to make itself the undisputable market leader in 2022. This coincides with the Year of the Tiger which we want to showcase our dedication for the year.

Concerts are still extremely popular with Cambodians. For new year’s eve of 2022, we created an even bigger concert than previous years, utilising the top Cambodian celebrities with Preap Sovath as the lead act. The concerts were live on TV and digital at the same time to reach as many people as possible.


There were 141 spots aired on CTN Channel, one of the leading TV networks with actual Rch1+ 13.8% vs the planned 11.0%. Total reach for both TV and digital were 3.9 million (63% of target market).

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